Craft Room Storage & Organization Ideas for Scrapbooking and Stamping

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A couple of days ago I posted an article about my solution for storing 8.5×11 inch cardstock.

In an effort to share some other ideas about how my work space is set up, I’m going to post a few articles that might give you some new ideas. In turn, I would love for you to share your ideas as well.

This idea helps me stay motivated – a board full of project ideas!


I have been to many classes and camps that I leave with small make-and-take projects. I hate to ‘use’ these items or give them away, in fear that I’ll forget how to do it again.

So instead, I pin all of these projects and layouts on large boards that I can move around the room and lean up against my walls.

For the small little boxes, envelopes and tags, I can pull them down and take measurements… and recreate it again and again.

Again, I ask that you leave a comment sharing your ideas for functionality, saving space, etc. in your scrapping and stamping area. Chances are, it will help someone else find a solution to their workspace problems.



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Cardmaking is my jam! I enjoy using rubber stamps and scrapbooking materials to make my own homemade cards. I use Stampin' Up products for a lot of my cards.

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