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Valentine's Day crafts

Need a quick card for Valentine's Day? These 2 cards with matching envelopes can easily be made using 2 decorative sheets of paper, heart stickers, and 1 sheet each of red and white paper.

Here's some Valentines Day card ideas and how to make your own Valentine's Day cards in a hurry... plus matching envelopes!

Need teachers Valentines gifts quick? These fun (and useful) DIY Valentine gift baskets cost $3 to make. It's also a pencil holder after the candy is gone!

The following page toppers and titles are the ones I review whenever I'm creating Valentine's Day scrapbook pages. Or when I'm scrapbooking pages about Love, in general.

This Pinterest card inspired me to make my own version as homemade Valentine cards. I created these 3 hearts cards which are great for sharing sentiments of love.

Handmade die cut cards are all the rage - especially when you use the Inlaid technique. Here's how to make your own Valentines card (or any card) with this technique

Who wouldn't enjoy receiving a minion card? A simple tutorial to make minion Valentine cards. Can easily be adapted for any holiday or special occasion.

Wondering how to make Valentine Cards yourself this year? Here are 3 handmade Valentine cards that are super adorable and easy to make!

Looking for some DIY holiday wreath alternatives? Deco mesh wreaths look great hanging on your door, and they can be made for ANY holiday or special event.