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(An Easier) Handmade Valentine Card

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By Abby

An easy Valentine card.Earlier this week I posted one of my Valentine Card designs.

That card is somewhat involved and takes a bit of time — not good for people who send out several Valentine’s Day cards.

I promised you an easier design, so here it is.

This one goes super-fast, once the paper is cut.

Since it’s only paper and ink, it’s cheap too.

Send this along with a Valentine package of candy and treats or all on its own.


How To Make This Card

To make this Valentine’s Day card, I used the following supplies:

  • Cardstock – Stampin’ Up Chocolate Chip, Pixie Pink and White
  • Ink – Stampin’ Up Chocolate Chip and Pixie Pink
  • Stamp Sets – All-Year Cheer I and Gentler Times

I tore the brown paper to mat the stamped heart, and distressed the pink paper before attaching it to the brown mat. To make this go even quicker, or for a more formal look, you can skip these steps. To distress the paper, I run scissors up and down the edge of the cardstock until I get the desired look. Just keep your fingers out of the way!

I almost always make my cards with Stampin’ Up products, but you can use this design with other stamps. You only need a heart stamp and a sentiment.


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