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Have a bunch of ribbon that needs organizing? Here are lots of DIY ribbon organizers that you can make yourself, plus one ribbon organizer that may be worth buying!

I make a lot of wreaths. See my best tips for making a burlap wreath yourself. I made one as a thank you gift for friends who let me stay at their beach house.

You could use washi tape or ribbons of fun sizes, shapes & colors with these Easter card ideas. I'll show you how to use colored burlap on Easter cards too!


Use craft embellishments - like ribbons & eyelets - to make a Mother's Day card or Birthday card for mom. These card ideas for mom can be used for any occasion.

Following are the steps I used to make the spooky Halloween door hanger pictured above. But you could adapt this same idea to make any type of seasonal craft for any time of year.

This video shows a bunch of fun ways to use ribbon in your scrapbooking layouts.

Whether you are just starting to collect craft items or you affectionately call your craft room the room of doom, hopefully one of the following craft organization tips will get your craft organization skills going. It's time to have FUN while getting the most out of your craft supplies!

Feng Shui is all about balance and harmony, and both are important in order to have a good looking scrapbook page. Just as in life, learning to work with with the colors of the earth and other simple principles can enhance your scrapbook pages' overall environment and improve your life through harmony and energy flow.

Here are some excellent -- and very practical -- tips for stretching your scrapbooking dollar. Save money, while unleashing those creative juices at the same time. Have fun!