cricut expression machine review

My Cricut Review: Cricut Expression vs Original Cricut Machine

Whether you’re a teacher, homeschooling mom, or just an avid crafter, the Cricut machine is a tool that you will use over and over again. I use mine for papercrafting. Here’s my review of the Cricut Expression compared to the Original Cricut machine.


Reviews Of Cricut Machines, Cricut Cartridges & Cricut Accessories: Tips For Newbies

Now that you have your Cricut, you’ll want to know about all of the great accessories that are available to use with it. While the bare minimums that you need are a cartridge, spatula, cutting mat, and paper, you will see that some of the optional accessories will definitely assist your creativity. Here’s a rundown of all the great ‘stuff’ that will make your Cricut machine even better!

Cuttlebug Machine Review – Cuttlebug Dies & Embossing Capabilities

With the Cuttlebug machine, you to use their plastic and metal dies to cut and emboss paper. You can also use the dies of several other popular cutting machines. I wanted to be able to emboss paper and cutouts for my handmade cards and other craft projects. I couldn’t wait to start embossing!

9 Fun Tips For Organizing All Your Craft Supplies

Whether you are just starting to collect craft items or you affectionately call your craft room the room of doom, hopefully one of the following craft organization tips will get your craft organization skills going. It’s time to have FUN while getting the most out of your craft supplies!

Making Memories Tweezers: A Review Of My Favorite Craft Tweezers

Te Making Memories Reverse Action Tweezers are different from the tweezers most people are familiar with — the tension is opposite. With most tweezers, you squeeze to grasp something. But these tweezers start out in a pinched position and you squeeze to open them. Here’s why I love these tweezers…