6 Scrapbooking Tips To Help You Get Started Making Your First Scrapbook

A friend recently asked for my best tips that would help a non-Scrapbooker to create a scrapbook as a gift for someone. This got my wheels spinning. I’ve been scrapbooking since 1993. My collection currently tops out at fourteen 12×12 albums. I’ve put together a few helpful tips, along with my favorite places to find Scrapbooking ideas, layouts, supplies, and tips… online.

Ideas For Crafts Using Rub-On Images

If you’re like me you have sheets of rub-ons that are half-full — in the same box as the half-used sheets of stickers. Now that Stampin’ Up has rub-ons that coordinate with their stamp sets, there is a new technique using the new product.

Handmade Halloween Party Invitation

I found a sheet of Halloween stickers and a sheet of Halloween rub-ons that would be half the price of one stamp, and leave me with more images then I could possibly use for one Halloween season.

Handmade Mother’s Day Card

Easter is over and it’s now time to think about Mother’s Day cards. Fortunately, you don’t need a special stamp set for these cards. Mother’s Day cards can be made using any ‘pretty’ stamp or supplies.

Easy Saint Patricks Day Card

This basic St. Patrick’s Day card literally takes a few minutes to make. If you have more than a few Irish Blessings to send, this may be the way to go.