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Budget Scrapbooking: All The Best Places To Find Free Scrapbook Supplies

If you’re an avid scrapbooker, then you know how easy it is for the scrapbooking expenses to quickly get out of hand.

I dug deep and found several places that are currently offering FREE scrapbook supplies online. These will help you feed your scrapbooking addiction without breaking the bank!

And if you’re on a budget (who isn’t these days?), then finding FREE scrapbook supplies to use on your pages is a huge win.

I dug deep and found more than 30 different places that are currently offering free scrapbook supplies online. These will help you feed your scrapbooking addiction without breaking the bank!

This article includes:

  • Free Layout Sketches & Ideas
  • Free Embellishments, Diecuts & Papers
  • Free Page Titles & Journaling Tools
  • Ways To Everyday Household Items For Scrapbooking
  • Where To Buy Scrapbook Supplies Online for Cheap
  • Freebies For Digital Scrapbookers

Here is a comprehensive list of places to get free scrapbook supplies in 2024…

Layout Sketches & Ideas

#1 – PageMaps are detailed sketches that you can use to layout and design your own scrapbook pages. PageMaps.com provides so many cool scrapbook layout ideas for FREE! You can find layouts for all scrapbook page sizes (8-1/2x 11, 12×12, and even double-page layouts), and you can download PageMaps in .jpg or .pdf format. They also have “free cut files” where you can download FREE diecuts. You can get a better idea of what the PageMaps are like here:

#2 – Laura Whitaker makes her entire sketch book of scrapbook layouts available for FREE! There are over 100 free sketches for you to get inspiration from. You might also want to check out her blog — where scrapbookers are showing the many ways they’ve used Laura’s sketches for their own unique layouts. 

#3 – Scrapbook.com has an online gallery filled with over 3 million scrapbook and card layouts for you to pull inspiration from — for FREE.

#4 – My all-time favorite place to get FREE scrapbooking inspiration from ever since I first started scrapbooking as a hobby back in college is Dmarie’s Layouts. (TIP: On the Layouts page, be sure to click CATEGORIES to see thousands of scrapbook layouts organized by theme.)

#5 – You can get the latest issue of the magazine “Scrapbook & Cards” from Scrapbook.com for FREE — just pay shipping. OR, you can simply download the full-color version (on that same page) for FREE to have immediate access! You can browse through all of their previous issues and download any of the ones you want. Talk about a source of inspiration! This is a great way to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the scrapbooking industry and get inspiration from fellow scrapbookers.

#6 – Every Sunday, Citrus Twist Kits provides a FREE scrapbook layout sketch and shows you many ways to use it. (You can also browse through the previous freebies to find more inspiration for your scrapbook layouts.

#7 – Allison Davis from Scrapbook Generation provides a ton of FREE scrapbook layouts via her Support Sketches — as seen here:

Embellishments, Diecuts & Papers

#1 – Scrapbook.com has more than 60 FREE online scrapbook classes you can take advantage of. In those classes, they walk you through the steps of various scrapbooking techniques. Want to know what the latest & greatest cutting edge tools and supplies are? They’re talking about them in these free classes! They also have a regularly updated coupons page where specials on scrapbook supplies from all across the Internet are featured. (TIP: Type the word “FREE” into the coupon search box to see what freebies come up.)

#2 – AllThatScrapbook.com has a page with FREE printables for scrapbookers.

#3 – PeachyCheap.com provides a new “FREE offer” for scrapbookers every single day – usually printables of some sort.

#4 – Free Scrapbooking Supplies is an old blog with new scrapbook kits available for FREE to download

#5 – RawPixel.com has a lot of FREE classy and nostalgic scrapbook elements that will take your scrapbook pages to the next level — things like torn paper effects, tape templates, lined papers, and images galore! (Literally thousands of cool elements – and you can use their search filters to find exactly what you’re looking for.)

#6 – Pixabay.com has pages and pages of FREE scrapbook papers and decorations that you can use for your scrapbook pages.

#7 – FreeScrapbookDownloads.com has a wide variety of freebies available for scrapbookers! There are FREE patterned scrapbook papers and FREE scrapbook page layout templates, as well as FREE scrapbook embellishments and FREE scrapbook journaling cards.

#8 – Gathered is a papercraft site where they provide scrapbooking printables that you can download for FREE.

#9 – FreeScrapbooking.art has a resource library filled with printable papers for scrapbooking, bullet journal ideas, and templates – all downloadable for FREE.

#10 – LoveToKnow.com has a page with FREE printable stickers and FREE printable layouts for scrapbooking.

Page Titles & Journaling Tools

#1 – For help with page titles and journaling ideas, I like to visit Scrapbook.com and explore their FREE page titles and FREE poems and FREE quotes — all by theme! (TIP: You don’t have to buy anything or pay to join… but you do need to create a free account on Scrapbook.com before you can use these tools.)

#2 – I also use Dmarie’s FREE Page Toppers tool to find clever scrapbook page titles and the right words for journaling on my pages. (TIP: To see ALL of the page toppers & titles, simply leave all the boxes blank then click “list titles”.) Ditto for her FREE Poems tool.

#3 – I also like the FREE titles, quotes, and sayings at The Perfect Title. They’re organized by theme and sub-themes.

#4 – At Everything-About-Scrapbooking.com, you’ll find 75 FREE quotes and sayings for your scrapbook pages that are really unique.

#5 – While we’re talking about journaling… If you need to know what was going on on a certain day in time, use Dmarie’s FREE Time Capsule tool to find out what the headlines were, as well as the top birthdays, tv shows, toys, books, and more from that date.

Ways To Use Everyday Household Items For Scrapbooking

When it comes to finding free items to use in your scrapbooks, don’t overlook all of the free scrapbook supplies you can come up with around your own home!

I found two great resources to get you started:

#1 – Fun Ways To Repurpose Things To Use In Your Scrapbooks – from everyday index cards and cardboard pieces to old greeting cards, cookie cutters, paper bags, cupcake liners, tea bags, toothpicks, sponges, buttons, felt, old belts, toothbrushes, and even dated party supplies.

#2 – This first video is filled with ideas that will take your scrapbook journaling game to the next level — with lots of fun ways to make your words more noticeable and unique:

#3 – This next video shows how to make your own vintage postmarks, newspaper stories, and more using a brown paper bag, plastic food storage bags, and an iron:

Where To Buy Scrapbook Supplies Online for Cheap

#1 – CraftersMarket.net has a page filled with scrapbook supplies on sale for $1 or LESS.

#2 – On Facebook Marketplace, you can search the entire listing of scrapbooking supplies that people are selling right now.

#3 – Check out the bargain bin at CheapScrapbookStuff.com.

#4 – On Temu, you’ll find a huge offering of scrapbook embellishments, diecuts, papers, and more at super cheap prices.

Freebies For Digital Scrapbookers

For what it’s worth, I myself have only dabbled in digital scrapbooking. I prefer to touch and feel and turn through the pages of a classic good old-fashioned paper scrapbook. But that’s just me.

For digital scrapbookers, there are a number of free scrapbooking kits and templates available:

#1 – FreePrettyThingsForYou.com provides hundreds of FREE digital scrapbooking papers.

#2 – Scrapvine.com has several FREE digital scrapbooking kits available.

#3 – The LilyPad provides lots of modern FREE digital scrapbook products.

#4 – Kate Hadfield Designs has some digital scrapbooking FREEBIES that are unique and fun. Even more here.

And I must admit…

#5 – I do like the thought of trying my hand at creating a digital scrapbook using Canva. It’s a FREE online graphic design tool that I’ve used for years to create social media posts, YouTube thumbnails, and fun image collages for my websites. People also use Canva to make presentations, posters, videos, logos, and more. I’ve just never thought of using it for digital scrapbooking before. (If you’ve used Canva to make online scrapbooks, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!)

The Bottom Line

I hope you’ve found these free scrapbook supplies online helpful.

Freebies like these are often overlooked — usually because they just aren’t promoted much.

My hope is that these resources will help you feed your scrapbooking addiction without breaking the bank for a change!