Reviews Of Cricut Machines, Cricut Cartridges & Cricut Accessories: Tips For Newbies

Now that you have your Cricut, you’ll want to know about all of the great accessories that are available to use with it. While the bare minimums that you need are a cartridge, spatula, cutting mat, and paper, you will see that some of the optional accessories will definitely assist your creativity. Here’s a rundown of all the great ‘stuff’ that will make your Cricut machine even better!

Page Toppers, Phrases & Titles For Thanksgiving Scrapbook Pages

A bunch of Thanksgiving page titles for Thanksgiving scrapbook pages. I sometimes build an entire page around a phrase — as opposed to letting the photos dictate the headline or page title. These page titles also make great photo captions, sub-heads to break up the page, and random blurbs tossed haphazardly on the page to fill empty gaps.

Fun Ways To Come Up With Creative Scrapbook Journaling

One of the best journaling ideas that worked for me was to start an Idea Notebook filled with all of the tidbits of words & phrases I think would be good on scrapbook pages. These are ideas collected throughout the normal course of my day and saved all in one place. Here are some more simple ideas for getting creative with your journaling.