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All the places to find FREE scrapbook supplies in 2024 - embellishments, diecuts, papers, page titles, journaling, layouts, NOT just digital scrapbooking!

Following are some great tips for making your own recipe scrapbook pages...

The following page toppers and titles are the ones I review whenever I'm creating Valentine's Day scrapbook pages. Or when I'm scrapbooking pages about Love, in general.


Have a Cricut? The minimum you need are a cartridge, spatula, cutting mat & paper. But other accessories will definitely assist your creativity. Here's how to make your Cricut machine even better!

Free Scrapbook Fonts: The best places to get fun fonts for your scrapbook pages. These are FREE to download for personal use. Enjoy!

Photo albums show the pictures...but...scrapbooks tell the story! It's the scrapbook journaling that brings the life to your pages by providing details that a photo alone can't give. Here are all the best scrapbook journaling tips to make writing on your pages easier.

Do you call yourself a scrapbooker? Or would you rather be called a Life Artist?

The scrapbook page toppers and titles that follow are the ones I review whenever I'm creating Christmas pages. Review this list before you start your Christmas scrapbook pages to get your creative juices flowing.

A bunch of Thanksgiving page titles for Thanksgiving scrapbook pages. I sometimes build an entire page around a phrase -- as opposed to letting the photos dictate the headline or page title. These page titles also make great photo captions, sub-heads to break up the page, and random blurbs tossed haphazardly on the page to fill empty gaps.