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Looking for easy DIY handmade Birthday cards that you can make quickly? Here are several great ideas!

This Pinterest card inspired me to make my own version as homemade Valentine cards. I created these 3 hearts cards which are great for sharing sentiments of love.


Need handmade Valentine card ideas? I made these cards using only a heart punch, alphabet stamps & leftover paper scraps. Make ANY type of card just by changing the punch!

If you think you don't have any 'Easter' stamps, remember that any spring-like flower stamps will work. Here's a simple hand-made Easter card to make.

Here is a quick Easter treat bag idea, using punched-out flowers for a springtime feel. Plus links to other Stampin' Up Easter bags, pouches, boxes, and treat holders.

Here is an idea for a Valentine Treat bag for giving away treats. If you have a small heart punch and some cardstock, you're ready. The best part is that it requires no stamping and can literally be done in less than 10 minutes!


Your kids can help with this card idea - using a snowflake punch, 'make' some snowflakes that they can glue to cards to create their own designs for giving to friends, teachers, or anyone else who is special in their life.

Tonight I'll be out with a girlfriend to celebrate her birthday, so I came up with another quick card idea. My girlfriend is a little bit sassy, so I thought a card with a retro-look would fit her perfectly.

this punch makes a great gift look more 'finished', and still leaves a nice handmade feel. If you like to make recipe boxes, date books or organizers as gifts, then this is a must-have for you.