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Christmas crafts

Here are some ideas of fun things you can do with Christmas stamps. Everything from make special gifts that are personalized to making your own wrapping paper and gift tags.

For these outdoor Christmas arrangements, I used hanging basket ideas from craft stores and real greenery from my yard! These outdoor hanging baskets take 10 minutes to make.

I love a window Christmas tree! For our front window, I wanted a really bright silhouette of a Christmas tree. See how I made this lighted DIY Christmas tree

For fun handmade gifts this year, I decided to make pine cone fire starters. I used a large, red cinnamon-scented candle and a spool of candle wick. See how

Looking for some DIY holiday wreath alternatives? Deco mesh wreaths look great hanging on your door, and they can be made for ANY holiday or special event.

Looking for an easy Christmas craft idea? Have some extra scrapbooking paper? Here's an idea: make paper ornaments in all shapes & sizes from leftover paper!

I got the idea for these snowman Christmas cards from Pinterest. I did a few things differently to show you how to make snowman Christmas cards yourself.


Have some old Christmas gift tags leftover from holidays past? Here's how to use them to make your own holiday cards this year. Lots of DIY Christmas card ideas here!


As this handmade Christmas tree card shows, you can use any type of character sticker to make a Christmas peekaboo card. Here's how to make it!