DIY Paper Ornaments: 10 Christmas Ornaments Made From Scrapbook Paper!

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Looking for an easy Christmas craft idea?

Have some extra scrapbooking paper lying around?

Here’s a great idea: Make your own DIY Christmas ornaments from leftover scrapbook paper!



Handmade Paper Ornaments

Here are lots of great tutorials for DIY paper ornaments in various shapes, sizes and colors!…


#1 – Paper Heart Ornament via


#2 – Paper Onion Christmas Ornaments via


#3 – Paper Ball Ornaments via


#4 – Double-Sided Paper Ornaments via


#5 – Scrapbook Paper Ornaments via


#6 – Rolled Paper Ornaments via


#7 – Flower Shaped Paper Ornaments via


#8 – Star Paper Ornaments via


#9 – Glitter Paper Ornaments via


#10 – 3D Paper Star Ornaments via



DIY Paper Ornaments With Some Weight To Them

And finally, if your Christmas tree branches can handle the weight of a wooden block, here’s how you can make square ornaments using leftover scrapbook paper.

For a slightly lighter base, check out these styrofoam paper ornaments and these styrofoam tissue paper ornaments. They’re both super cute!

A glass ball would make another unique base for DIY ornaments, as seen in these glass ball ornaments covered with sheet music.

A few more Christmas ornaments made from scrapbook paper here.

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