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Repurposed Gift Tags: DIY Christmas Card Ideas

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By Suzie

These quick and easy Christmas cards are made from glittery gift tags that I bought after Christmas last year.

Along with some scraps of glitter cardstock, I’m ready to bling out the holiday!

Here’s how I made my own Christmas gift cards (which could also be used as custom gift tags) this year…




The Paper For The Card

I used kraft paper notecards from The Paper Studio for the base of each card.

The cards are 4″ x 5.5″ and I cut them to be 4″ x 4.5″.

The biggest gift tag is 3″ x 3.5″ and I wanted all the cards to be the same size.

I also have scraps from glitter cardstock that I used in other cards. That cardstock is from DCWV Christmas and Winter cardstock matstack.

I cut the scraps randomly into strips for the border of each card. Some of the edges overlap and some don’t. I really just haphazardly placed them using my Tombo double-sided tape to secure them to the card.

glitter-cardstock-scraps  glitter-scraps-inside-card


The Ribbon & Eyelets

The Christmas gift tags have a hole at the top with a thin cord used as a ribbon.

I decided to remove the ribbon and use an eyelet through the hole in order to secure the tag to the paper better.

Centering the tag inside the glitter “frame”, I used a pencil to mark the spot for the hole. Then, I used the hole punch and hammer tools from my Making Memories tool kit to punch a hole over the spot.

I have a collection of random eyelets, so I chose a different one for each of these cards. I tried to coordinate the colors, without matching them.

Instead of eyelets, you could simply adhere the tag to the front of the card as well.

You could leave the ribbon on the tag and tie it into a bow, or just leave it hanging naturally. It would also be cute to punch 2 holes near the top of the card, side by side, and tie the tag to the card.


The Wording On The Card

merry-christmas-confettiFor the inside of the card, I randomly placed more strips of glitter paper.

I used Merry Christmas shiny confetti to go along with the bling of the glitter.

You could also leave it blank and simply hand write your sentiment.

Bonus: These cards could be used as Thank You notes after the holidays as well.

There are so many cute gift tags available, I’m sure you can find some you like! You don’t need to have glitter scraps either; any kind of paper or cardstock will work.

Be creative and have fun!


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