How To Make A Cupcake Pincushion… It’s Too Too Cute!

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Cupcake pin cushion. The first time I saw this Cupcake Pin Cushion in print was in a Good Housekeeping magazine.

Then I saw it again online at the Cupcake Queen’s site.

She writes: “I do not crochet or knit…but, I do know a cupcake when I see one!”

I don’t knit, crochet, or sew either, but I think this would be a FUN way to store safety pins and needles.


How To Make A Cupcake Pin Cushion

You, too can make a sweet pincushion to hold stray safety pins and needles in a convenient place using these Cupcake Pincushion Instructions:

If you’re good at it, you may find that it’s a novel way to make some spare money.

These cupcake pin cushions sell for $20 (…and they’re sold out!)

White cupcake pin cushion with pink frosting.    Purple cupcake pincushion with white frosting.

Here’s proof that it may take a few tries to look perfect!


Inspiration For DIY Cupcake Pincushions