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Attention Crafters: The CRICUT Die Cutter Is Finally Affordable!

I want a Cricut cutting tool… and I don’t even scrapbook much anymore or do many crafty things these days!!!


I can’t help it… it looks like one of the coolest gadgets around. Anyone who is into crafts like cardmaking, scrapbooking and such would probably enjoy one of these. Oh, and teachers would probably find a lot of great uses for it, too.

So whether it’s for yourself… or as a gift.

Here’s the best price you’re gonna find on the Cricut this season. Yep, it’s another great Black Friday special!…

When I first saw the commercial on TV for the Cricut diecutting machine (pronounced "Cricket"), I started having gadget-envy.

I wanted one of these cutting tools that makes something like 4,500 different words, shapes, and designs for custom cards and scrapbook pages.

On TV, they advertised it for $49 — to try it for one month. Then, you had to make 5 more payments of $19.99. Including shipping, that’s well over $250 for this fantabulous cutting machine.

Needless to say, I passed.

But now, anyone who wants one might be interested to know that WalMart will be selling it for less than half price at their day-after-Thanksgiving sale (…also known as Black Friday).

Currently, WalMart is selling it for $184 online. But on Black Friday, it will be available for only $119 in stores the day after Thanksgiving.


Good luck. And have fun!…

UPDATE: Now you can get the original Cricut die cut machine online for less than $200 and the next-generation Expression Cricut cutter for just over $300. That’s far less than the ProvoCraft Cricut website itself sells these Cricut die cut machines for ($299 and $499 respectively).

Plus, there are tons of great accessories and add-ons that you can use for the Cricut machine like:


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