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8 Clever Ideas For Making Thanksgiving Scrapbook Pages

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By Regina

Whether you are a hardcore scrapbooker or just a beginner, making your own Thanksgiving scrapbook pages can be fun for you and your kids!

In my opinion, the Thanksgiving holiday provides some of the best reasons to scrapbook. The decorations, the family that arrives to help celebrate, the food — all of these are wonderful reasons to take pictures that you can then put on scrapbook pages.

And, of course, it’s fun to look for lots of interesting things to add to your Thanksgiving scrapbook pages too.

Following are some great ideas for your Thanksgiving scrapbook pages…

Thanksgiving Scrapbook Page Ideas

#1 – Have a family member or friend take pictures of you or your children preparing the Thanksgiving feast. Then you can journal about it. Use that journaling and the pictures to make a scrapbook page that is all about making the meal.

#2 – Create an entire scrapbook of family Thanksgiving recipes. This, of course, is a bigger project than just 1 page. But it can be a wonderful way to save and pass on the recipes from yourself, your mother, and your grandmother to your children.

#3 – Make a scrapbook page around the theme of things that you’re thankful for. The nice thing about this is while you can use cute little Thanksgiving stamps, stickers, and such — you don’t really have to. This can leave you open to be a bit more creative.


#4 – Use free sources to find goodies for Thanksgiving scrapbook pages. For example, you can find everything from Thanksgiving tags and place cards (that could creatively be used on scrapbook pages) to Thanksgiving cards and educational printables.

#5 – Make a scrapbook page of your child dressed up for Thanksgiving at home or on stage for a school production. Many elementary schools have children dress up as pilgrims and Native Americans. Your scrapbook can be a great way to preserve these memories.


#6 – Have each family member make their own Thanksgiving scrapbook page. Put all the pages together in a family scrapbook that you can look at for years to come. This is a great way to teach your children about being thankful for what they have.

#7 – Go for a walk and look for items to add to your Thanksgiving scrapbook pages — such as feathers, seeds, pebbles, and bright-colored Fall leaves.

#8 – Raid your photo collection and find older photos that have a Fall or Thanksgiving theme and give those old photos a new story. By putting them on a scrapbook page, you’re not just preserving those photos. You’re also able to share those precious memories with others for years to come.

More Fun Thanksgiving Scrapbook Page Ideas