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Thanksgiving crafts

For fun handmade gifts this year, I decided to make pine cone fire starters. I used a large, red cinnamon-scented candle and a spool of candle wick. See how

The decorations, the family that arrives to help celebrate, the food - all of these are reasons to take pictures then make fun Thanksgiving scrapbook pages!

Looking for some DIY holiday wreath alternatives? Deco mesh wreaths look great hanging on your door, and they can be made for ANY holiday or special event.

A bunch of Thanksgiving page titles for Thanksgiving scrapbook pages. I sometimes build an entire page around a phrase -- as opposed to letting the photos dictate the headline or page title. These page titles also make great photo captions, sub-heads to break up the page, and random blurbs tossed haphazardly on the page to fill empty gaps.