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Making Memories Tweezers: A Review Of My Favorite Craft Tweezers

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By Suzie

making-memories-tweezers.jpg I found my favorite pair of craft tweezers in the scrapbooking aisle at a local craft and hobby store.

They are the Making Memories Reverse Action Tweezers.

These are different from the tweezers I’m familiar with — the tension is opposite.

With most tweezers, you squeeze to grasp something. But reverse action tweezers start out in a pinched position and you squeeze to open them.

This is great for holding small things for any amount of time, because once you squeeze them to open and grasp your item, you can relax the grip and let the tweezers close and hold the item.

I’m glad I found them, because I would have never known about this difference!

I also would have never guessed how clumsy I felt initially trying to manipulate these tweezers and the glue pen!

So I’m happy to share with you the technique I found that works…

Here’s how to know which craft glue to use with each of your projects.

I’m right handed, so I use the tweezers in that hand to grasp the item face up. I can then hold it in my left hand, turn it over and use my right hand to hold the glue pen and apply lightly.

You don’t need a lot of glue for something like a card, because it will not really be handled or used. So, as long as it’s secure, it’s okay if it is not sealed down tightly.


Then, with glue on the back of the item, I take the tweezers back in my right hand and place it on the card. I set the item where I want it and hold it down with my left hand, squeezing the tweezers with my right to release it.

Works like a charm! I can quickly do a lot of small items this way — like a little assembly line.

Once I’m done, I like to shake the card a little, just to make sure nothing falls off.

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