Handmade Wheelbarrow Card With Flowers – Great For Mother’s Day Or Gardeners

by Suzie

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What says spring more than a wheelbarrow full of flowers?!

I decided to use this card as my Mother’s Day card.

It takes a lot of patience to work with the tiny pieces on a card like this. Thankfully, there are some tools that can help you.

Here’s how I made this wheelbarrow card…

First, The Cover

All the flowers, the sun, and the wheelbarrow were made using the Walking in My Garden cartridge from my Cricut Expression.

I cut the blue sky and green grass by hand and glued the pieces to tan cardstock (5.5×6″).

To add texture to the wheelbarrow, I “inked” it with black rubber stamp ink (difficult to see in the picture, sorry). I used Colorbox Petal Point inks — these are easy to use because each individual olor slides right out of the multi-color pack. I just touched the ink pad all the way around the edges of the brown wheelbarrow and the wheel.

I used black and purple Sharpie markers to dot the centers of the flowers.

Using A Glue Pen To Arrange The Flowers

Before I glued down any of the flowers, I played with a couple of different arrangements in the wheelbarrow.

Once I had the one I liked, it was time to glue.

I have 2 favorite glue pens that I use regularly when making cards:

Both are great for working with tiny things!

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Using Tweezers To Position The Flowers

Next are the tweezers. I like Making Memories tweezers for card making.

Here’s how I used tweezers to position the flowers on this card.

  • I grasped the flower face up with my right hand. Then, holding it in my left hand, I turned the flower over and used my right hand to hold the glue pen and apply lightly.
  • With glue on the back of the flower, I took the tweezers back in my right hand and placed it on the card.
  • I set the flower precisely where I want it on the card, and hold it down with my left hand, squeezing the tweezers with my right to release it.

I can quickly do a lot of flowers this way — like a little assembly line! Once you’re done, just shake the card a little bit to make sure all of the flowers are secured.

Personalizing The Message

I liked this card so much just like this, so I decided to put my Mother’s Day message on the inside.

I used the Wild Card cartridge for my Cricut Expression machine to cut the phrase “Happy Mother’s Day” and the little flower border.

I had one extra flower from the front, so I added that too.

Making The Matching Envelope

In my paper stash, I found a purple piece of 12×12 paper with some swirls and paisleys that I liked for the envelope.

Here’s how to make envelopes for your cards.

So, happy Mother’s Day to my great mom and all the mothers out there!

Here I am with my mom in a New York City bike taxi. (It kind of coordinates with the card… my mom loves flowers, and we are sitting in a wheeled – um – barrow!!)

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