Budget Scrapbooking: 10 Places To Find Free & Inexpensive Scrapbook Supplies

by Regina

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stamping-and-scrapbook-supplies-by-katiescrapbooklady.jpg We all know how easy it is for scrapbooking expenses to get out of hand.

And, with most of us being on a budget, finding free or super cheap scrapbooking supplies is an absolute must.

Believe it or not, there are several websites online that have either free or very inexpensive scrapbooking supplies, thus making it easy to feed your scrapbooking addiction without breaking the bank!

Here is a comprehensive list of places to find free (or very cheap) scrapbooking supplies…


#1  Scrapbook Scrapbook has tons of free scrapbooking supplies that you can print out yourself on your home printer.

They have free printable backgrounds, frames, alphabets, borders, diecuts and clipart to name a few things.

I have personally found the stuff on this website to be very helpful when it comes to keeping my scrapbooking budget in check.


#2  Free Scrapbook Printables is a website that has pages of things you can print out and use in your scrapbooking endeavors.

I was really impressed with all the Valentines items, and it was clear to me that the website is kept up-to-date.

It’s in a blog format, but that just makes things really easy to find — since the different topics are all lined up in a column on the right. There are baby items, birthday items, holiday items, you name it, you’re bound to find it there somewhere. Definitely worth a looksee!


#3  Collected Memories has a number of free diecuts that you can print out on your computer and use in your scrapbooks.

They’ve got birthday, wedding, and seasonal diecuts that are very nice, and can come in especially useful when you are doing scrapbook pages with those themes.


#4  Heaven Graphics has a collection of really lovely background papers that you can print out on your printer for free.

I especially like these, as they have all different kinds and colors, and ones that even look like textures. I don’t know how much the textures would show up since you are printing them, but I’m definitely going to be going back to this one and will print some of these for sure!


#5  About.com’s Free Scrapbooking Cutouts Index has some very cool cutouts.

They have a wood set, a blue sandstone wall set, and many others that I could see coming in very handy the next time I break out the old scrapbook stuff and make a new page. It’s definitely worth checking out.


#6  Scrapbooking Warehouse has quite inexpensive scrapbooking supplies.

You can buy paperbook scrapbook packs and scrapbook page kits for low prices. The kits claim to have everything you need to do one complete scrapbook page.


#7  I was surprised to see that you can buy relatively inexpensive scrapbooking supplies from Target online.

While the prices are a bit more than Special Memories Plus, they are still reasonable.

For example, you can get a School Scrapbook Page Kit for $23.99, and a Recipe Scrapbook Bundle Kit for only $9.99 — to name just a few.


#8  Oriental Trading Company may be better known for selling other things (such as party supplies), but they also sell scrapbooking supplies!

They have way more stuff than I could ever list here, and it’s all at really fantastic prices.

A few examples are 24 journal cards for $4.49, and 4 sheets of Spring Holiday Phrase Stickers for $6.69.

This is my favorite website by far for purchasing scrapbooking supplies. They have a really large stock, their prices are great, and they have a lot of fun stuff!


#9  Addicted to Scrapbooking claims to be the world’s largest scrapbooking store. After looking around their website, I believe it!

They even have a discontinued section… 7 pages filled with discounted items. There are huge discounts on everything from stickers to card stock to decorative punches.

Prices are as low as $4.30 for some items. They also have regular sales which can help when defraying the cost of scrapbooking.


#10  Scraps Of Love is another great scrapbooking store that has really inexpensive prices.

They have a clearance section that I could easily go nuts in, with items like cannisters of clipboard shapes, ribbon, gaffer tape, rub-ons and a lot more — 10 pages worth, in fact!

They also have $5 and $10 goodie bags. Of course, you won’t know what’s in them until they arrive, but sometimes surprises are good right?

I really like this website because they sell things singly too. So, you can buy just one tag for example for 20-cents or one sheet of background paper for $1.69. You aren’t obligated to buy in bulk if you don’t need or want to.

Of course, sometimes bulk is cheaper and what may be needed. Fortunately, they have that too!


Finding free and inexpensive scrapbooking supplies isn’t that difficult and well worth the bit of extra time you take to go through any of the websites listed here.

In this economy, we all need to be able to do things that make us relaxed and happy, and all of these websites will help you to feed your scrapbooking addiction without breaking the bank!



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