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Craft Paper Storage – Another Option

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By Abby

craft-paper-storage-by-ScrapAddict74.jpg We’ve all seen them…

The advertisements in scrapbooking and rubber stamping magazines are tempting.

The pictures of perfectly organized and spacious work areas make me jealous.

They look so inviting and functional (and some are even decorated!).

Here are some beeeeautiful stamping and scrapping rooms.

If you have the space and finances for such a craft room, then I say go for it.

If not, then you can still have a nice organized craft area by thinking about other options.


How To Organize Craft Paper

I typically don’t have much 12×12 inch cardstock or paper. I do more handmade cards than I do scrapbook page layouts, so storing 8.5×11 inch paper is more of an issue for me.

The scrapbook supply products are usually focused on 12×12 paper storage. Instead of spending more money on an official ‘Scrapbook Paper Storage’ unit, I chose to go with the office supply type literature sorter.

These are my favorite literature organizers:

These literature organizers are not the prettiest of all storage solutions, but they are functional.

You can also stack one on top of the other if you need more space.

If looks are not that important in your stamping and scrapbooking work area, this might be the solution for you.

More craft room storage & organization tips!

NOTE: This is the first of several articles in which I will provide information on my craft work area. Hopefully, it will get you thinking of what you can do to make your area more functional and organized.