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Tips For Sending Halloween Photo Greeting Cards

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By Abby

Little boy in a pumpkin patch.Wondering how to make your handmade Halloween cards even more special?

Include a Halloween-theme picture of your children (of course this includes your pets in costume too).

Check out these cute Halloween pictures….


Halloween Photos ROCK!

Do you remember when you were a kid and you got to pick out a costume every Halloween?

Even if it wasn’t a new costume, the fun of putting something together with some dress-up clothes and Mom’s makeup was so much fun.

(I’m sure I’m not the only one who put on every necklace my Mom would let me get my hands on and try for the early Madonna look.)

We’ve all gotten updated pictures of family and friends at Christmas time, but why not for Halloween?


Halloween Photo Greeting Card Ideas

My sister plans ahead and takes a picture of my nephew every year and sends copies out with her Halloween cards.

It really means a lot to us because she lives a couple hundred miles away, and we miss seeing him in his costume.

Some examples:

Baby wearing Halloween costume.

Baby wearing Dracula Halloween costume.

Little boy dressed as a greaser guy for Halloween.

Professional photo: kids in the pumpkin patch.

Here are some tips for photographing kids wearing costumes.


Halloween Photo Tips

  • If you don’t have your child’s costume ready yet, just go to a pumpkin stand and set up a cute photo with hay, corn stalks and pumpkins. (This idea doesn’t cost you a dime!)
  • Better yet, take a family photo (costumes optional) in the middle of a pumpkin patch.
  • If you want to take pictures of your pets in costume, have a treat ready and your finger ready to snap the picture. I usually pour a glass of wine before I do this with my dog, because it always turns into a 45-minute episode of me chasing the dog around the house.
  • If you aren’t taking pictures ahead of time to send out, then take some time a few days before Halloween to have a dress-rehearsal and get some shots for your own scrapbook or photo albums. You might miss the opportunity to take some good photos of your children if they are excited and rushing out the door on Halloween night.
  • If you decorate the exterior of your house for Halloween, take some night pictures of that as well — especially the pumpkins you carved. That is one of the best memories that I have from my childhood, and I wish I had some pictures of it.