How To Make Your Own Music Cards Like This Handmade Spongebob Card

by Suzie

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spongebob-squarepants-card.jpg My nephew Ryan recently turned 3 and he loves Spongebob Squarepants. He also loves those cards that play music when you open them.

A couple of years ago I found a store that was going out of business. They had the music cards at a ridiculously low price, and I bought several.

Their sentiments don’t match any occasions I have coming up, but that’s not a problem. You can easily cover the cards with your own design to personalize them for your friends and family and still have the fun of the music!


For my card, my stuffed Spongebob was the inspiration.

I’ll show you how I made my own Spongebob Squarepants music card…


Front Of The Spongebob Card

I covered the front of the card with a red cardstock square, using my Tombo double-sided permanent adhesive tape.

Then I studied Bob’s face and cut matching pieces out of colored cardstock.

All the pieces were very easy to cut, although I’ll admit I cheated and used my Cricut Expression machine for all the circles.

I copied Bob’s face to adhere all the pieces to the red cardstock.



Inside The Spongebob Card

The inside of this store-bought music card made it easy for me to camouflage the card’s original design. The song on this card was “Come on shake your body baby do the conga,” which is why the little figures are dancing in a conga line.

I used another piece of red cardstock to cover the top section of the card. I used the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge on my Cricut to cut a 3.5″ number “3” from yellow cardstock. To tie it in with the Spongebob theme, I used orange circles to make the “3” look like the sponge on the front of the card.

inside-of-musical-card.jpg  inside-of-spongebob-card.jpg

The letters “RYAN IS” were cut at 1″ and the exclamation point was at 3.5″. (All cuts were using the Roly Poly feature.)

It isn’t showing in the picture, but I used a Sharpie marker to write “Happy Birthday Ryan” in a voice bubble for the little dancing dude running to catch up with the Conga line on the inside left of the card.

Some of the insides of the cards are fully covered with a design to match the sentiment. You can cover the entire inside of the card with colorful cardstock just like I did on the front of the card. You could then create letters or a design that match your theme. Or, you can just leave the colors blank.

ryan-is-3-spongebob-card.jpgBack Of The Spongebob Card

On the back of the card, mine says “Innovations from Hallmark.” I added “and Suzie.”

At the bottom where the price is, I crossed it out and wrote “priceless” — just a little humor!

3-year old Ryan loved his card and he carried it around with him for a long time.

He was excited to show it to everyone walking into his birthday party.

More points for me for  “Greatest Aunt Ever.”  Woo hoo!