Diaper Pin Card – A Fun Handmade Baby Gift Card

by Suzie

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This diaper pin baby card is one of the many fun cards I’ve made using the Wild Card cartridge for the Cricut machine.

I love this card and its cute matching envelope.

If you have a Cricut, come along and see how I made this adorable baby gift card. 



Make The Envelope First

The trick with using the Wild Card cartridge when you want the matching envelope is to make the envelope first.

You load the paper you want to use for the envelope and choose “set paper size”.

I used light yellow cardstock, 8.5×11 size. Then, I choose the special “fit to page” option. This calculates and cuts the largest possible envelope for this size paper.

When you hit the “cut” button, watch the display closely to see the size. It will only show once, and it’s quick! In this case, it was 4.5″. This is now the size you must manually program for everything on this card.

The envelope has a cute little peek-a-boo diaper pin on the flap, and I am going to add a light yellow liner that will show through when the flap is closed. I added my paper and selected the “liner” option at 4.5″. Sure enough, it fits right in and looks as cute as I had hoped.

diaper-pin-shaped-envelope.jpg  diaper-pin-shaped-envelope-with-yellow-liner.jpg


Now, onto the card…


Make The Diaper Pin Shaped Baby Gift Card

diaper-pin-baby-card.jpg Again choosing 4.5″, I cut the card out of yellow cardstock.

Once the card is folded, it’s obvious the top part (the actual pin part) is kind of flimsy and needs a backing. Fortunately, Cricut has thought of this and created the “blackout” feature — which means it will be the exact same size as the original object.

A liner, like I cut for the envelope, will be slightly smaller than the object — since it is designed to fit inside the object. So I used white cardstock to create a blackout copy of my card. I only needed the top section (to cover the diaper pin part), so I cut it in half. It fits perfectly and provides the stability the card needs.

The “liner” feature also has an option for the card, so I used patterned paper with handprints on it. It fits right over the head of the pin. I used the Plaintin Schoolbook cartridge to cut B-A-B-Y in the Roly Poly font at 1/2″.

baby-blessings-diaper-baby-gift-card.jpgFor the inside of the card, I used the “Baby Blessings” phrase from Wild Card. Since this phrase is not directly connected to the diaper pin card, I have to choose the size I want. 4.5″ won’t necessarily work. So I selected “real dial size” and then 2″. And my phrase is exactly 2″!


Final Thoughts

This card is for a new grandmother, and I don’t know the baby’s name. My plan for future baby gift cards is to have some made and ready to go. Then, I can personalize the front with the baby’s name instead of “Baby:.

I’ve seen several cute versions of this diaper pin baby card. Take a look at some of them: