Handmade Birthday Card With An Ice Cream Cone & Sprinkles

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This was a birthday card for work, so it needed to be big enough for many people to sign. 


The Cardstock

I have a supply of 8-1/2"x11" card stock sheets in assorted colors that always form the base of my cards.

You can find individual sheets or packs of assorted and single colors in both 8-1/2"x11" or 12"x12".

Watch for sales to create your own supply, then you can purchase single sheets for specific colors or themes, as you need them. 

I’m a big fan of cards with matching envelopes, so I started this card with: 

  • a red piece of 8-1/2 x 11 cardstock
  • a yellow piece of 8-1/2 x 11 cardstock
  • 2 sheets of 12×12 striped paper

Non-cardstock paper is not thick enough to be the base of a card, but it is great for creating a theme or adding color.

Fold the red paper in half and voila! A perfect card.


The Shapes & Letters

The ice cream cones (both inside, and on the cover of this Birthday card) and letters were cut with my Cricut Expression machine using the following cartridges:

The Cricut is a lot of fun and very easy to use, but while you’re saving and shopping for one, there are many other options. 

Letters could be stenciled, cut from magazines, hand-written, stickers, computer-generated, etc.

You could also use stickers, stamped images, coloring book pages, clip art, photos — anything really!

Adhering The Sprinkles

The inside page has a yellow sheet of cardstock cut to fit just inside the borders.

I used Tombo Mono permanent adhesive double tape on a roller to adhere everything — except the sprinkles!

A light spray of Elmers Craft Bond spray adhesive on top of the "ice cream" creates a lightly tacky surface — perfect for scattered sprinkles.

The 2nd sheet of striped paper makes a perfect coordinated envelope. It’s easy to make and directions will be available on this site soon.




I don't buy greeting cards or holiday cards anymore -- I make my own! I also do some rubber stamping and scrapbooking. But mostly I enjoy creating handmade, one-of-a-kind cards. I’ve been an avid crafter for most of my adult life. My crafting addiction started with cross-stitching, then moved on to wearable art, projects with painted wood, fabric crafts, and then paper crafts — which has transformed primarily into card making. I also make the occasional wreath, snowglobe, and other holiday crafts.

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