6 Reasons I Like Close To My Heart Dye Based Ink

by Meredith

ink, rubber stamps

So many colors, so little time!

Following are all the reasons that I completely adore the Close To My Heart dye-based inks…

  1. They are dye based, plain and simple.

Pigment ink can take forever to dry. Even then, if a hand touches it or it becomes wet, the ink will smear.

CTMH’s inks are dye based, which translates to me as “dry as soon as you stamp it.” There is no better feeling than knowing my artwork will stay right where I stamped it.

  1. Talk about color variety!

Currently, there are some 60+ colors to choose from.

Each color is given a category and then a sub-category within the catalog. For example: Summer Celebration, the “Summer” denotes fun bright colors while “Celebration” mentions a specific purpose the colors could be used for — such as a birthday party or a new baby.

  1. You always get an exact color match.

CTMH’s inks so perfectly match the paper packs and stickease stickers that it takes all the guess work out of the project. When they say Juniper they mean Juniper!

Another plus is when you stamp a particular color onto that same color cardstock, the ink still shows up. Not many people can say that!

  1. The stamp pads themselves are a unique design.

All CTMH inks have a hinge/swivel lid. The ink pad is actually stored on the underside of the swivel lid so that when stacked on top of each other, the freshest ink is always on the top of the pad.

The hinge and swivel makes opening and closing them a breeze. I have friends with arthritis that can use them with ease. Just think about it…. no more lost or dropped lids!

  1. They stack and balance perfectly.

Each stamp pad has 4 little legs, if you will, on the base. That way, when they’re stacked together they will not topple over.

I wonder if all 60 that I have can stack on top of each other? Well, it’s pretty close.

  1. They are just plain affordable!

Each ink pad retails for $10.95. I’ve had mine for 2 years and have never had to re-ink them — even though CTMH has re-inkers in every color.

Just to show you the math and the logic… I have had mine for 2 years. That means one ink pad so far has cost me about $5.50 a year to use. Is there anything else that one can buy and use for 2 years that costs only $5.50? As the years go on, that number gets smaller and smaller, but my collection of beautifully colored artwork grows larger and larger.

I have used many different inks before and have liked many of them, but nothing compares with the quality that you get out of CTMH’s brand. Try them for yourself and see.

I love coloring my world!