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How To Make Cards From Pages In A Scrapbooking Calendar …Like These 3 Easter Cards

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By Suzie

how-to-make-easter-cardsI have 2 Easy Scrapbooking Calendars that I picked up on sale several years ago.

Whenever I need a quick and easy card, I check out these pages. They are designed to be used on scrapbook pages, as embellishments or photo borders. They are also perfect for making cards!

Six pages from the 2006 calendar were designed to coordinate for Easter or Spring scrapbook pages. I used them to make these 3 cards, and I have enough pieces leftover to make 1 or 2 more.

Here are pictures of the Easter pages from the 2006 Easy Scrapbooking Calendar (left) and the 2009 Easy Scrapbooking Calendar, so you can see what the pages in the calendar are like:



Now, here’s how I made the 3 Easter cards…

The base of the Easter cards are pre-made cards with envelopes from the JoAnn Craft Essentials All Occasion Box of Cards. They are multi-color cardstock cards, folded to 4.25″ x 5.5″. Be aware that cards like this are usually white on the inside — which is undetectable from the packaged box.


DIY Easter Card #1


This is a simple card that can be for Easter or Spring.

Using a light purple card, I cut the calendar page of flowers and leaves to fit on the front.

I might use a thin black Sharpie to write “Happy Easter” on the front, or it is cute just as it is.

For the inside, I cut the border off the page with the spray of flowers and placed it on a purple rectangle just a tiny bit taller and glued this to the inside. This is another place to write a sentiment (Happy Easter, Happy Birthday, It’s Spring, Just a Note, etc) or simply use the space to write your message.


DIY Easter Card #2


This is a light pink card with a light purple rectangle on the front.

I cut out the “Easter” block and glued it to the front.

Inside is another purple rectangle, with a border of eggs and flowers.

Couldn’t be easier!


DIY Easter Card #3


This card turned out to be my favorite.

The basket of eggs and flowers was just begging to be put onto a square card, so I cut it out and glued it to a square of white paper. It isn’t a perfect square, so I cut the light teal card to match, at 4.25″ x 4.5″. It was really easy to use my Fiskars paper trimmer to slice off the 1″ edge of the card.

For the inside, I used a square of teal card stock and 2 more pieces of the calendar pages — both glued to white cardstock.

I wanted to modify the envelope for this card, so the bit of envelope that is longer than the square card would not get torn during mailing. Postage is higher for square cards, so this is a good trick anytime you are using a regular, rectangular envelope.

edge-and-flap-envelope   diy-envelope-for-square-card

I used the 1″ extra piece of teal card to take up the extra space. Carefully peel apart the right back edge of the envelope, as well as the flap. Glue the teal piece right along the edge on the inside of the card under the right flap (see picture). Reseal the edge and the flap. When the square card is placed in the envelope, it will essentially be the same size of the original card for which the envelope was designed. I think the envelope with the teal piece looks a bit silly all by itself, but most people don’t keep the envelope, right?!

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Here’s what the inside of all 3 cards look like:



The wonderful thing about the Easy Scrapbooking Calendar is there are 365 pages of inspiration for your craft projects! These will come in handy whether you’re making cards, scrapbook pages, or whatever!

I hope this post inspires you to do something similar.


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