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Handmade Monogrammed Cards: How To Make Plaid Fabric Monogram Cards With Bling

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By Suzie

A dear friend asked me to make a garter for her wedding. How exciting!

She wanted me to use a tartan plaid fabric to incorporate the alma mater of both her and her husband.

I decided to also use it as part of their wedding card.



Monogram Card Tutorial

Incorporating the wedding colors of red and black, I used a black shimmer cardstock paper as the card base (5.5″ x 11″ folded into a square card).

On the front of the card, I added white glitter organza tulle that matches the garter.

I used Elmers Craft Bond multi-purpose spray adhesive and carefully placed a large square of the tulle on top.

Once the glue dried, I cut the edges off so the tulle was a 5.5-inch square, exactly fitting the front of the card.

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Next, I cut a 3″ x 3″ square of fabric and used a needle to fray each edge about 1/2″.


If you have not done this before, it is very easy. Start at the bottom right corner and pull the lowest threads down until they come all the way off. Once it becomes difficult to grab hold of a thread, use the needle to loosen a thread. After doing this for 1/2″, turn the fabric counter-clockwise until the next edge is at the bottom, and repeat the process. Do this 2 more times and you will have successfully frayed all the edges of the fabric.

I tested a scrap of fabric on a scrap of tulle and learned that Tombow double-sided tape would hold the pieces together, so I used that to adhere the fabric onto the front of the tulle.

Keeping to the theme of “bling,” I added the letter P, the new couple’s last name initial. This gemstone sticker is all one piece, but it is very fragile, so be careful.


Inside the card, I added a 5″ square of maroon cardstock. (Yes, I know the wedding color is RED, but all the red cardstock looks more orange than I like. I almost always use this maroon/burgundy color instead of red.)

Adding the Mr & Mrs stickers was a little trickier than the P sticker — because each letter (and the “&”) is a separate sticker, made up of tiny little rhinestones. The sticker part is very sticky, and I had trouble holding it with my fingers, so I eased it off the backing with my favorite tweezers. It was then easy to place the sticker on the paper. One of the tiny rhinestones fell off and landed on my table. It was still sticky on the flat back, so I put it back onto the letter (and it stayed).

gemstone-bling-for-handmade-card  diy-glitter-gemstone-card

The last touch of bling was on the envelope flap. I made the envelope from a 12″ x 12″ piece of black shimmer cardstock using this method. I added an inch of tulle to the underside of the flap with double sided tape, allowing 1/2″ to hang over the edge.

It looks really cute!

This monogrammed card style could be used for any occasion, made with any fabric, and perhaps match a baby blanket or wedding dress for an anniversary. The stickers come in many objects and phrases, so you can easily customize it for your special friend.


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